Decoder lishi 2in1

Opening car locks with Lishi lock picks

This article will describe how lishi lock picks work with some car models

  1. Lishi 2in1 TOY48
Lishi TOY48 Toyota

Used on vehicles: LEXUS, TOYOTA.
These locks have five plate positions, and three levels of threading depth. The cutting depth levels are numbered: 1, 3 и 5. The first level of cutting (Plate #1) is the deepest, the third level of cutting (Plate #5) is the shallowest. The plates in these locks are divided, each into two half-secrets, each of which works on its own half of the key. Therefore, we divide the lock into “A” and “B” sides for ease of opening and decoding.

Pin assignment
The appearance of the pins

The process of opening these locks is in two stages:

After the full secrecy combination is set, the lock turns about 45 degrees and becomes locked again, this is a part of the half secrets fall into the adjacent shaft (if we turn the lock in a clockwise direction, then these are the half secrets of side “A”, if counterclockwise, then these are the half secrets of side “B”). To open the lock completely, we need to re-dial the combination of half secrets of the side that entered the lock.
Returning the lock core to its original position also requires repeating the second opening step.
This tool has four styli to read, the plates are decoded in the same direction in which they are squeezed during the opening process.

How decoder 1 works

How decoder 2 works

2. Lishi 2in1 HU92

Used on vehicles: BMW, Land Rover, Rolls Royce.

These locks have eight plates, and four levels of rifling. The fourth level of rifling is the deepest, the first level of rifling is the shallowest

How decoder works

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