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Decoder lishi 2in1

Opening car locks with Lishi lock picks

This article will describe how lishi lock picks work with some car models Lishi 2in1 TOY48 Lishi TOY48 Toyota Used on vehicles: LEXUS, TOYOTA.These locks have five plate positions, and three levels of threading depth. The cutting depth levels are numbered: 1, 3 и 5. The first level of cutting (Plate #1) is the deepest, the third level of cutting (Plate #5) is the shallowest. The plates in these locks are divided, each into two half-secrets, each of which works on its own half of the key. Therefore, we divide the lock into “A” and “B” sides for ease of opening...

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door opening and locks

Methods and tools for opening locks

Content General. For all lock typesHammering of the locking barsLever locksTwisting (screwdriver)Break-in of the deadbolt shank postVisual reading of the key codeTrace method (impression)Self-setting (self-impression)“Kitbor” lockpickSet keyManipulation with two picksManipulation with the combined picklockKey pickingCylinder locks. Cylinder security mechanisms.BumpingPick gunCylinder body-breakingPulling the coreDrilling of the caseCore millingManipulation Trace method (impression)Self-impression pins Visual methodReproduction of a copyKey selectionScrewdriverChemical hackingRemoving...

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What to do if the lock is broken?

Is your front door jammed? Can’t open the safe? Locked your car? Service for opening the locks promptly solve any problem – Experienced craftsmen come with the right tools, sets the locks and accessories. Door locks opening There are a lot of reasons why it becomes problematic to open the front door in the usual way: the key is lost or broken, the door slammed, the lock mechanism is worn out, the key jammed in the lock as a result of improper door installation or weak hinges and many others. In any case you shouldn’t try to solve the problem by yourself. Modern locks...

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