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For a locksmith to become the best at his profession is helped by the tools he uses – whether you are a professional or just a novice locksmith, you need to have high-quality lock picks to work with.

Unlock the Best Deals: A Special Promotion on Locksmith Tools

Are you in search of the best safecracking tools in the market? Look no further than keydecoder.eu. We’re excited to announce a special promotional offer for the entire month of May 2024 on our extensive range of locksmith tools. At keydecoder.eu, we understand the importance of professional work in the field of locksmithing. That’s why we offer a wide array of tools designed for opening locks without damage. Our tools are not just equipment, but your partners in delivering top-notch, professional locksmith services. Our range includes high-quality tools for popular safe...

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Lockpicking tools for sale

Unlocking the Secrets: Safe Lock Tools Sale on November 11, 2023

Lockpicking tools for locksmith Are you ready to elevate your locksmithing game and seize the opportunity to acquire specialized tools for opening safe locks? If you’re looking to enhance your skills, then mark your calendars for November 11, 2023, because we’ve got something exceptional in store for you. We, at Keydecoder, are excited to announce our exclusive sale event where you can get your hands on the finest and most advanced safe lock opening tools in the market. The Ultimate Safe Lock Tools Sale When it comes to the art of locksmithing, having the right tools can...

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For safe lock Lagard

Safe Cracker: Unlocking the Secrets of Mechanical Code Locks

Have you ever found yourself in a bind, desperately needing access to a locked safe or ATM? The frustration and inconvenience can be overwhelming, especially when traditional methods fail to yield results. But fear not, because there’s a revolutionary device on the market that can make quick work of mechanical code locks without causing any damage. Introducing the Safe Cracker, a cutting-edge machine designed to pick the codes of three-disk mechanical locks like LaGard and Sargent. In this comprehensive product review, I’ll walk you through my personal experiences with the Safe...

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Decoder lishi 2in1

Opening car locks with Lishi lock picks

This article will describe how lishi lock picks work with some car models Lishi 2in1 TOY48 Lishi TOY48 Toyota Used on vehicles: LEXUS, TOYOTA.These locks have five plate positions, and three levels of threading depth. The cutting depth levels are numbered: 1, 3 и 5. The first level of cutting (Plate #1) is the deepest, the third level of cutting (Plate #5) is the shallowest. The plates in these locks are divided, each into two half-secrets, each of which works on its own half of the key. Therefore, we divide the lock into “A” and “B” sides for ease of opening...

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Safe lock

What to do if the lock is broken?

Is your front door jammed? Can’t open the safe? Locked your car? Service for opening the locks promptly solve any problem – Experienced craftsmen come with the right tools, sets the locks and accessories. Door locks opening There are a lot of reasons why it becomes problematic to open the front door in the usual way: the key is lost or broken, the door slammed, the lock mechanism is worn out, the key jammed in the lock as a result of improper door installation or weak hinges and many others. In any case you shouldn’t try to solve the problem by yourself. Modern locks...

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