• Turbo Decoder SIP22
  • Turbo Decoder SIP22

Turbo Decoder SIP22



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Turbo decoder SIP22 for quick and easy opening of FIAT, ALFA-ROMEO, LANCIA, IVECO and MASERATI locks.
You can use this tool on SIP22 lock profiles from 2006 to 2017.

Do not use this Turbo Decoder directly on IGNITION LOCKS!  Because the sidebar inside makes it impossible to finish the opening procedure!

No special skills are required to perform the opening procedure.

After opening the vehicle with this turbo decoder, the locksmith can read the actual mechanical code of the lock.

Before using the Turbo Decoder, it is necessary to clean the locks well with WD40.
Make sure that the locks are in good mechanical condition and show no signs of tampering or deformation.

Note that all tools are for legal use only.

What’s in the box

  • One Turbodecoder SIP22 key profile FIAT, ALFA-ROMEO, LANCIA, IVECO and MASERATI – black color with company logo, model, serial number, various indications for the opening procedure and hologram authenticity sign with the same serial number

Tech Specs

With our Turbo Decoder SIP22 – it is possible to unlock:

Alfa Romeo; Fiat; Lancia; Iveco; Maserati.


How can I order the device?

To order any product on the site – choose the one you are interested in from the catalog, contact us in any way convenient for you, get your payment information, leave your delivery address, make the payment and wait for receipt

What is your exchange/return policy?

Our products have undergone a multi-level quality check. When used properly, there are no failures. In the event of a defect or factory defect, we consider each application individually and will do everything possible to reduce the negative consequences

When can I expect my device to arrive?

If the product is in stock – it is shipped the next day after payment. Delivery time depends on the delivery region and can take up to 3 weeks

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