• Decoder for Mauer 71 v2
  • Decoder for Mauer 71 v2

Decoder for Mauer 71 ver.2.0

For safe locks Mauer 71


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Lock decoding

Master the Art of Precision with the Mauer Series 71 Version 2 Decoder and Set Key

Unleash your expertise and conquer the intricate secrets of Mauer locks with the Mauer Series 71 Version 2 Decoder and Set Key. Renowned for their complex secret mechanisms, MAUER brand locks pose a unique challenge that demands the utmost precision. Even their keys exhibit a distinct peculiarity, requiring exceptional finesse.

Our cutting-edge decoder and set key combination empowers you to navigate the complexities of Mauer locks with unparalleled ease and efficiency. No longer will you be hindered by the limitations of traditional lock-picking methods.

Unlock the code combination of the suvald in most cases without the need to physically open the lock itself. Our decoder revolutionizes the unlocking process, saving you valuable time and effort. Say goodbye to the arduous task of disassembling the lock, and say hello to a seamless unlocking experience.

The Mauer Series 71 Version 2 Decoder and Set Key are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with Mauer locks. Embrace the challenge as you engage in the art of precision work, manipulating the intricate mechanisms of these locks with finesse.

Unlock a world of possibilities and elevate your security mastery with the Mauer Series 71 Version 2 Decoder and Set Key. Embrace the precise nature of Mauer locks, showcasing your expertise and experiencing the satisfaction of effortless access.

Upgrade your security arsenal today and order your Mauer Series 71 Version 2 Decoder and Set Key. Embrace the art of precision and unlock the secrets hidden within Mauer locks with confidence and finesse.

Read an overview of this tool here – Decoder and Set Key for Mauer, Series 71: The Ultimate Tool for Safe Locks

You can read how to visually distinguish the lock at the link below

Structural differences of safe locks.

What’s in the box

  • The kit includes:
    – Set elements by heights (6 sizes 4 pcs each),
    – Set key 1pc.,
    – Stylus holder 2 pcs (one spare),
    – Tripod with clamping screw 1pc,
    – Handle for set wrench with clamping screw,
    – Dipstick handle with clamping screw 1pc,
    – Scale of heights 1pc,
    – Height scale holder 1pc.

Tech Specs


How can I order the device?

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What is your exchange/return policy?

Our products have undergone a multi-level quality check. When used properly, there are no failures. In the event of a defect or factory defect, we consider each application individually and will do everything possible to reduce the negative consequences

When can I expect my device to arrive?

If the product is in stock – it is shipped the next day after payment. Delivery time depends on the delivery region and can take up to 3 weeks

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1 review for Decoder for Mauer 71 ver.2.0

  1. Christopher Rushton

    Great decoder but must importantly great sellers very professional I have bought many times and Allways fast problem free service to the uk 🇬🇧

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